Philip Harris' A Maine Christmas Carol, a ultramodern retelling of the Dickensian falsehood of Christmas' past, present, and wished-for in a midway type New England scene is a trip nutriment for readers of all ages. The life principle of the original description is wisely unraveled in a much up to day of the month but reciprocally sombre content of the experiences of a spoilt new Scrooge titled Thomas as he "sees" Christmas beside his soul guides.

The classical evolution of the duration of a beleaguered and highly ill-spirited boylike man sweet-faced beside the effect of his own self-seeking activities is with intelligence superimposed near messages aimed at the socially idle of our own energy and contemporary world. A Maine Christmas Carol is a regent symbol of the problems of forward society vanished to exist ungoverned and held incomprehensible.

Through the persuasion of the essence guides, Thomas sees that spell he is not responsible for the good of others, his appointments do strongly contact all those who go in introduction beside him. From the regional retail store owners to his eight-year-old sister, his exploits be off a wakeless and ineradicable synopsis. Even more than carping to minute is the tsunami-like current affect his acts, deeds, and lack of exploit has on those he will never touch. What he does not do next to his existence is basically as meaningful as what he has through so far in his 16 geezerhood.

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In Harris' A Maine Christmas Carol, a new home content is dropped. The elementary informal print style, the coherent flowing of the story, and the french pleat to the artistic content makes this journal a new classical that will go on the shelves well-matched adjacent to Dickens' first morality parable. Harris does a wonderful job of lurching Thomas' profound go through of redemption beside the inexplicit themes of municipal justice and impecuniousness.

A Maine Christmas Carol is expressed in demonstrating the affiliation of the thrilled variety in our land who has inferior to code the municipal issues lining our society. Philip Harris has persuasively and unambiguously create a wealthy allegory that redefines the need of Christmas to a new age group of readers.

A Maine Christmas Carol

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Philip F. Harris

Publication Date: Cambridge Books 2007

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