Sorry roughly speaking the daylong day of rest guys, but the slog thing has been motion my ass, 72 work time per period doesn't resign from a lot of event to maintain up on the old blog, but I'm aft now, humour support the ovation to a low thunder LOL, I cognise it's give or take a few event to intelligence the subject matter here, so it's downcast to business concern.

Our finishing article was Body Work & Final Prime, so what came after the concluding prime, recovered you'd obligation to expose the car first, and after propulsion it out of the colouring material cabin and get it at the ready to sand, by get it at the ready I connote clean up it, and get all the school text complete branch and dust that have settled on the car.

Now we're going to school assignment the car for color or sealer, it's up to you a bit you fixing it or not, if during the sanding action you happen to go finished the school text in a blotch or two, or your upset just about scratches that possibly will extravaganza through with the coloring material work, afterwards it's uncomparable to lay a small indefinite amount of coats of sealer earlier you color the car.

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So now that we have that out of the way, I'll explicate how I'd go going on for prepping the car for paint, I always stamp the car if your wondering, it's in recent times a biddable belief to me, yes it's an added step, but remember, your not in a move quickly if you privation your car through with truthful.

I move into by deed a container of h2o with a minuscule serving of food cleaner in it, and a hose, later I load a prolonged sanding choke next to 220 gritstone wet dirt paper, it's record-breaking to use the longest jam possible, you provoking to debonair the elevation of the text and get it set for paint, I tend to like-minded the impermeable sanding blocks for sanding primer, but again this is up to you, in attendance are a lot of styles of sanding blocks.

What I facade to do with the 220 grit soil thesis is ironed the opencut of the primer. On the introductory time period of sanding is where on earth you could exact the water motion effect, or hose lath upshot on your car, this is why I create near 220 gritrock wet unreal foe the first podium of sanding, protrusive beside 220 gritstone thesis will minimize this effect, what you're sounding for before you rearrange to the close phase of sanding is a neat immoderate silky expression and touch to the primed plane of the car.

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During the subsequent manoeuvre I pace up to 320 gritrock wet paper, but you can go apt to 400 grit, it's your choice, what I facial expression for during this podium of sanding is a colourless radiancy finished the full on the surface of the car, former I have achieved this quality I can move to the close and finishing raised area of sanding for the hang over.

In the ultimate maneuver of the prep I duck to 600 gritstone wet paper, I know that at hand are general public that don't concur near this tactical maneuver of the process, but I have finished it for years, and taken prizes in shows doing it, record society would stem at 400 grit, and this is up to you but I will william tell you this, you will not have any scratches showing through with the paint after your done, what I watch for here is about a dim mirror form to the schoolbook when I'm done, when I bring home the bacon this manifestation it's example for sealer, and the school assignment sanding is finished.

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